George Strait’s The Most Texan Texan

6 March 2017 The Roundup

Well, who would’ve thought? George Strait was the winner of The Texas Bracket, a contest featured on the Austin American Statesman’s Austin 360 blog of Dave Thomas. As a fun way to help celebrate Texas Independence Day, readers voted to determine the “Most Texan of All Texans.”

The voting started with four brackets: Music and the Arts, Politics and History, Actors and Athletes, and Wildcard.

George first had to take down Billy Joe Shaver, Janis Joplin, Larry McMurtry and finally Willie Nelson in the Music and the Arts bracket, which he did by a narrow margin. After Ladybird Johnson and Audie Murphy were eliminated, he went head to head with Tom Landry. Strait easily bested him, with 70% of the vote!

Congratulations, George!

Check out the the complete brackets here.

Read more at Key Music News: http://www.keymusicnews.com/feature/george-straits-the-most-texan-texan/

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