Radio Free Texas is proud to announce our August 2015 All Access Artist – Josh Boyles.

All Access CD subscribers (before August 20th) will receive a copy of his ALBUM, “Daydreams & Sleepless Nights”, in their mailbox. As always, All Access members can get a sneak peek and download their digital copy here:

Read on for more about long-time RFT fav, Josh Boyles.


“Josh Boyles is, like a handful of his better-known predecessors that have graced the Texas Music Scene stage, a son of Oklahoma his Texas friends and fans would be more than happy to claim. A few years of toughing it out on the acoustic circuit have brought him as far south as the Hill Country and as far north as Kansas, singing old-soul songs in a young man’s voice. With an eye for detail and a fearless grasp of his emotions, his songs are never less than meaningful.” -Mike Ethan Messick

It is often said that all you really need are three chords and the truth. Oklahoma based singer-songwriter Josh Boyles might throw in a fourth or fifth now and then, but the authenticity of his songs will touch your heart and leave little room for doubt. Born all the way up in Calgary, raised way down in Houston, and residing somewhere in the middle of Claremore, Oklahoma, Josh jumped feet first into the songwriter’s circuit in 2009 and slowly but surely made a name for himself as one of the more promising young writers on the road.

Known for his heartfelt and intimate acoustic shows, but a bit infamous for stubbornly doing things his way whenever possible, Josh is an independent artist in every sense of the word. He writes his own songs, he performs his own songs, and he records his own songs. In the summer of 2011, Josh released his self-produced commercial debut album “Killin’ Time”. KT featured such memorable songs as “Streets of Houston” and “Rose Colored Dress”, which would later prove to be his first writer’s credit. Since then, Josh has performed for his good friends and neighbors in music halls, coffee houses, dive bars, and living rooms all over the southern United States.

A few years and a couple singles later, Josh released his much anticipated second full length album “Daydreams & Sleepless Nights” in July 2015. Like “Killin’ Time”, D&SN is a self-produced, song-centric, lo-fi album which showcases the growth and maturation of the talented writer through 17 original songs, the majority of which were recorded in one very long, well, sleepless night. There are songs about girls he used to know, there are songs about girls he wishes he could forget. There are songs that are spiritual, there’s one about a prostitute. There are some pretty sad tunes, and there are a few that are quite a bit more optimistic in tone than anything you would find on KT.

Who knows what the future holds for the young songwriter, but Josh will tell you that he has been blessed with the career he has enjoyed thus far, having played shows with a few of his heroes in several of the coolest places around for many of his dearest friends.

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