Radio Free Texas is proud to announce our August 2016 All Access Artist – Phineus Reb.

All Access CD subscribers (before August 15th) will receive a copy of their new ALBUM, “Stages: Phineus Reb’s Awakening”, in their mailbox. As always, All Access members can get a sneak peek and download their digital copy here:

Read on for more about Phineus Reb.

PHINEUS REB BAND came to be in November of 2014 when Cody Kouba, Dan Payne, Aaron Notgrass, and Chip Oliphant put their amplifiers and heads together. All have had careers chasing their neon rainbow in some of the same markets and venues for years which seemed ideal dealing with some of the counterproductive ways of the past.

Lead singer, songwriter, and picker, Cody Kouba is no stranger to Texas Music and the Texas music scene. He has been honky tonking since the early 2000s, working to continually improve his ever evolving sound. Cody has been turning heads, singing, picking guitar, playing banjo and fronting his own projects, as well as working with many other fantastic artists on the road. In the last 12years, Cody has shared the stage with the likes of very popular artist, such as Pat Green and Cory Morrow, and is proud to be a part of Texas Music Outlaws and Angels legacy.

Dan Payne, this bass man is truly a marvel! Punctual, alert and all business, Dan is a man who can always be counted on. Cody called Dan in November of 2014, to talk to him about his idea for a side project….. Dan had worked in and out of the East Houston Music Scene picking up side jobs blowing harp and picking bass, and tearing it up. Then it was off with the band “Hill Country Jane.” for some long haul. Dan was highly optimistic about the new Phineus Reb project when it was proposed to him and was eager to work with well known drummer, Aaron Notgrass.

Aaron Notgrass and Cody have been friends and attended all of the same schools in Crosby, TX since elementary, and have played music together since they were young Aaron, has been behind a set of drums since he was a child, thus being well versed in all genres of music. Aaron has worked with many talented acts through the years from Jon Wolfe and Al White, to nearly every talent located in East Texas, and his roots and ambition, seemed to fit right into the goals of the Phineus Reb project. There was no hesitation in bringing Aaron aboard, when he showed an interest in joining the band.

Another missing piece in the “Phineus Reb” equation was that the band needed a good-looking guitar aficionado that could wale like Hendrix and let loose like Stevie Ray. This contrasting artistry was the missing link to the “sound” that is, the REB!! Chip learned from many of the greats, while burning up the guitar with the band “Last House on the Left”

We have our first single “You Can Go to Hell, Ill Go to Texas” going to radio in August 2016, as well as distribution to iTunes and many other digital mediums October 3, 2016.

This years tour we hope to lead new followers into the fold of our brand. Its gonna be a Texas Music “Reb-olution”

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