Radio Free Texas is proud to announce our January 2015 All Access Artist – Jamie Talbert.

As we approach our 10th anniversary, we are excited to have one of the first artists on RFT as our All Access Artist.

All Access subscribers (before January 20th) will receive a copy of his long-awaited BRAND NEW ALBUM, “Tomorrow Night“, in their mailbox by the end of the month. As always, All Access members can get a sneak peek here:

Read more about Jamie after the jump.

In an ever-crowded music scene, Jamie Talbert stands out as the embodiment of everything that is right in Texas Music.

Balancing music, gigs, family and the “day job”, Jamie never stops. He never stops writing, playing, planning and perfecting his craft. Fans know Jamie as the guy who provides the soundtrack for fun and introspection. Peers know Jamie as a perfectionist who does not accept second-best, second-rate or second-fiddle.

It is this dedication to his craft that put almost a decade between his first album, “The Opening Act”, and his brand new album “Tomorrow Night”.

Jamie’s dual nature was not lost on fellow singer/songwriter Mike Ethan Messick.

“Jamie Talbert’s got some great songs, but you appreciate it even more when you step back and look at the whole record. He’s stoic until he hangs his heart out on his sleeve. He’s clever until he floors you with an honest sentiment. He’s the king of optimism until a character damn near dies of misery. If you’ve ever had a day where you felt so good you could barely stand it, or so low that you wondered if you were gonna survive it, Jamie Talbert has written a song for you. Yeah it’s catchy, punchy, bar-band country at the heart of it, but like any worthwhile songwriter he’s always game for digging deeper.”

Alongside his bandmates, “The Band of Demons”, Talbert delivers not only in the studio but also live. 

Most importantly, in a scene that has been plagued with primadonnas and red dirt divas recently, Jamie Talbert is one of the nicest guys in the businesses.

Do yourself a favor and get to know Jamie Talbert and his music.

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