Radio Free Texas is proud to announce our November 2015 All Access Artist – Bret Mullins.

All Access CD subscribers (before November 30th) will receive a copy of his ALBUM, “Long Live A Country Song”, in their mailbox. As always, All Access members can get a sneak peek and download their digital copy here:

Read on for Bret’s bio.

Carefree blonde hair tucked under a Stetson hat, an old guitar, and an easy grin are key elements of singer Bret Mullins’ signature look. David Ryan, host of the podcast “Southbound I-35,” nailed it when he described Bret’s sound as “a very strong, distinctive voice but with a certain familiarity.”

Texas country music fans have wholeheartedly approved so far; San Antonio awarded Bret with the title “Best Country Band” in 2014.

The 6’-3” singer has just released his second album, titled “Long Live A Country Song”. From the fun, carefree “Watching You Drink” to his hopeful “Another Love Song”, Bret has proven he can incorporate the staples of country music- love, loss, strength, and having a good ol’ party- seamlessly into one album.

The steady rise in popularity and the full dancehall concerts seem to say that Bret Mullins is just getting started and that the country music scene can expect a whole lot more in the future.

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