It’s become far too redundant, but alas yet another artist/band has fallen victim to theft.

Posted on their Facebook this morning, Mike Ryan Band states: “Our trailer and all of our gear was stolen last night in Haltom City, TX. We’ve got a $2000 reward for anyone that can lead us to it. Vin# 1WC200F11D2029149. 2013 MODEL# TW121-V MFG BY WELLS CARGO”

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Here is a list of items that were stolen:

2013 Gibson Historic 1960 dark burst Reissue Les Paul – G01040
2007 Fender Thin Skin 62 reissue Strat. Olympic white – V160614
2012 Fender Custom Shop blonde Pine Pro Tele – CZ518644
2008 Sewell Texaverb 2×12 amp. Surf green in road case. – TV052008?
Paul reed smith custom 24 sunburst
White Gibson SG standard.
1989 fender jazz bass. Midnight blue.
Oversize Mesa 1×12 extension cab
1×12 standard sized transatlantic Mesa cab
Sennheiser wireless
Keeley pedal board and case
2 x Strymon Timeline delays
Strymon flint
Fulltone full drive 3
3x boss TU2
EHX soul food
RGW bad bob
Fulltone Clyde deluxe wah
2x fulltone OCD
2x Durham electronics crazy horse fuzz
Keeley compressor
A/B box
MXR carbon copy x2
MXR power supply
5x Mogami 25ft cables
3x Mogami 18ft cables
Audix OM7
Shure beta 58
Red Dirt Cases mercy case in Olive Drab green. Loaded with Mike Ryan merchandise.
1 Fender 1989 American Deluxe Jazz Bass midnight blue w/hardshell case
1 Fender Modern Player Series sunburst w/ hardshell case
1 Epiphone Thunderbird Bass sunburst w/ hardshell case
2 1/4 inch mogami cables 25 ft
1 Shure sm58 microphone
1 Korg DTR2000 rack tuner
1 XLR Monster microphone cable
1 Electro Harmonix EH Sovtek Big Muff Fuzz Pedal
1 Shark . Mini guitar/Bass clip on tuner white S-7
pedal train pedal board (black)
pedal train pedal board case (silver)
voodoo lab power brick (black)
Pro-radial DI (green)
• line 6 wireless (transmitter/receiver)
• C9 Electro-harmonix organ pedal
• Strymon Timeline (Silver)
• MXR EQ Pedal (Blue)
• Boss Tuner TU-2 (White)
• 6 patch cables
• 25′ Mogami Instrument Cable
• 3 One Spot power cables-Silver sparkle Ludwig centennial drum kit (24″x20″ kick drum,
12″x10″ rack tom, 16″x16″ floor tom)
-Pearl Eliminator Kick Drum Pedal (single)
-Pearl hi-hat stand
-3 Pearl boom cymbal stands
-14″ AAX Sabian hi hat cymbals
-19″ HH Sabian dark crash
-20″ HH Sabian stage ride
-20″ Sabian O-Zone crash
-Tama Rhythm Watch metronome
-Tama multi-clamp
-14.5″x6.5″ Ludwig Supralite snare drum
-SKB Hard Shell Molded cases (14.5″x6.5″, 12″x10″, 16″x16″, 24″x20″ and one rolling hardware
-6′x8′ brown rug
-1 Large stick bag with various sticks, mallets and tools
-1 Mackie 5 channel mixing board

If you see any of these items, or the red single axle trailer with paper tags, drop Mike Ryan a line.

Stealing a musician’s instruments is like stealing a carpenter’s tools. So as the saying goes “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. And may your arms be too short to scratch.”

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