Yep, it’s that time again. I saw another fantastic night of music, and it’s time to rub it in.

This particular night comes to from Helotes, TX, home of John T. Floore’s Country Store, famous former host of the up and coming career of William Nelson. That worked out well, and Willie’s career contributed considerably to Ben Dorcy, who is honored on this particular night of music. Look up Ben Dorcy – he was John Wayne’s assistant, and Olympic skater, and Willie’s roadie. Soak that up for a minute.

Tonight’s a frigid one. Mercury is in the 30s, and we’re all bundled up like burritos. It’s a $20 cover, but I called in some folks and got one of those shiny pass things. Woo hoo. The show is outside, but the crowd is huge, which obviously begs for the lineup. So let me drop this on you, left to right:

Josh Abbott
Evan Felker (of Turnpike Troubadours)
Jamey Johnson
Randy Rogers (with occasional relief from Cody Canada)
Wade Bowen (relieved by William Clark Green)
Johnny Bush

Abbott, fresh off of tweeting his dirty laundry, is all smiles and jokes, noting that, based on rotation, he “has to follow a legend like Johnny Bush. How am I supposed to follow that?”

Felker grins and Abbott and asks the same question. These guys are freezing, but they’re a warm group. Mr. Dorcy situates himself in the middle of the group and enjoys the show, often drawing applause larger than any of his panel. Willie is away on tour in Macon, Ga, but the family is out, and they come on stage to reveal the plaque name the Floore’s green room in honor of Mr. Dorcy.

Speaking of the green room, that’s where I run into Johnny Bush after the show. Evan and I dare each other to ask him for a photo, but neither of us have the balls to make it happen (I blame the weather). Finally, Wade Bowen snaps a photo with him, so we jump in and follow suit. Thanks, Wade.

Oh, and the night before I saw a free show with Matt Powell, Kelly Mickwee (Of the Trishas), and Uncle Lucius. Not an awful Monday/Tuesday combo.


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