You know, sometimes it’s just easy to write a review about a band that is sent your way and other times it’s not.

Thankfully, today it’s easy!  Houston-based Charlie and The Regrets have a new album coming out called Rivers In The Streets today (2/24) and it’s one I can definitely endorse.

First listen review:  Very unique but also very familiar.  Charlie Harrison has a cool way of telling stories and it brought about the thoughts of Hayes Carll and either one of The Robison brothers (Charlie or Bruce).

Charlie writes songs about real life in rural America, socially conscious music that leaves out all the fluff and shoots straight on some of the issues in this country.  I’d say the band’s music has a little bit Americana, some Texas soul, with a dash of Country and a pinch of badassery all rolled up into one.   Oh, and they’re good.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about:

Wanna check ’em out in person?  The band is having a BIG CD Release party in Houston Saturday night at Shoeshine Charley’s!  More details about the band can be found here.

Read more at Key Music News:

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