I firmly believe that each and everyone of our paths cross for a specific point in time for a very specific reason.  For me, the blessings of folks that have been a part of my life journey are far too abundant to count.  
That being said, I received a message from Dave Pratka on Saturday that literally stopped me in my tracks.  Suddenly and without warning our friend Perry Horton made his journey Home.  He was a member of the Spivey Crossing family.  Perry was talented, honorable, and someone that you will never forget after getting a big ole Perry hug.  
I cannot imagine the feeling of loss that each of the Spivey Crossing family is feeling right now.  It took me days to even collect the words to say about Perry and even now I feel completely inadequate.
I feel blessed to have shared Perry’s journey on this big rock.  I feel blessed to have a piece of him forever committed to plastic that I can listen to and remember the beautiful man that he was/is.
When we leave this life we hope that we’ve made a difference, or at least I do.  Perry, rest easy brother knowing that you indeed made a difference.  You will forever live in my heart and memory.
To Holli, David, Chad, Lucas, Chance and Horton family my heart is broken.  My prayers are with you, but know…… I will never forget the wonderful man, Perry.  Love you, mean it.

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