Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton have written some amazing songs in hopes to help spread the word about kids in the foster care world for a project called The Foster EP.

Both Hutton’s and Foster’s lives have been directly impacted by the subject matter of these songs. A former foster child who was adopted as an infant, Hutton recently became a foster parent himself, while Foster grew up alongside two adopted siblings. More than 30,000 children currently occupy the Texas foster care system, including 5,000 children who’ve yet to be adopted by a forever family. While awaiting adoption, many of those 5,000 children find themselves sleeping in state buildings. The first single hits the airwaves today! “Place To Stay,” illustrates many of the problem these children face each day.

“’Place to Stay’ is about children in our very own communities that need a home,” Hutton said about the song. “It’s a cry, on their behalf, to Texans out there that I know will open their hearts and homes once they understand the magnitude of the problem.”

This song is hitting airwaves across Texas today!  Be listening for it on your favorite radio station!

The Foster EP is set to release March 31 and offers four originals co-written by Hutton and Foster as well as a cover of “Amazing Grace,” featuring some of Texas’s most celebrated singer/songwriters including Pat Green, Wade Bowen, Roger Creager and Cory Morrow.  For more info on the project, it’s goals and how YOU can help, click here.

Read more at Key Music News: http://www.keymusicnews.com/feature/place-to-stay-hits-the-airwaves/

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