Want to know something cool about Radio Free Texas?

We actually play your requests. All of them. If it’s on our playlist and you want to hear it, it gets played. Keep reading to find out more about this key feature of RFT.

The Way Things Work Elsewhere

To understand how RFT makes your musical dreams a reality, it helps to look at how other folks do it.

Broadcast radio is notorious for their request policy. You call their phone number or email the station. You express your desire to hear that song that’s burning a hole in your ear. They ignore you and play Toby Keith instead. I don’t even need to discuss why this sucks.

Digital platforms work in one of two ways. In one, they decide what you hear using a computer algorithm that calculates what you “really want to hear” based on what you actually wanted to hear. This doesn’t necessarily give you what you wante. Some require you to search for a lo-fi version of the song, then it plays that song, then silence. Sure, you scratch the itch, but you miss out on so much more.

How Radio Free Texas Works

RFT has what can be called a “collaborative playlist”.

What we play is not determined by some Program Director who gets his marching orders from corporate offices in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. It is also not determined by the soulless, musical version of HAL 9000. (Didn’t get that one? Look it up.)

Members of the RFT community are eclectic in what they like. A computer algorithm is not going to figure that out. Neither is a corporate PD.

Members of the RFT community are hardcore fans of independent music. The singer/songwriters are our heroes. That means that we want to hear music that is deep and interesting. And a lot of different flavors of it. We don’t want to hear the same song 30 times in one day. That one statement alone knocks broadcast radio out of the boat. 

Long ago we embraced the fact that the best people to determine what plays here are the members of the RFT community. The best person to turn us on to new music is the person that would stand next to us at a concert. Sure we may not agree 100% of the time, but that person can buy me a beer. A computer can’t and a PD won’t.

How To Request of RFT


First of all you have to be registered on RFT. Once you’ve done that, while logged in, the methods are numerous.

Under ‘Music’ on the menu is an option for “Request Music“. That gives you access to our entire catalog of over 30,000 songs. To give you some perspective, if we played every song on RFT back-to-back, it would take right at a month.

From the “Request Music” page, you can browse by artist name by clicking the letter that their name starts with or you can search by artist name, song title or album name.

Once you find the song that you want to request, click the blue button that says “REQUEST”. Voila! Request goes in the queue to be played.

Simple as that.

Why You Should Request

Requesting is not just a way to scratch your itch. By requesting you turn other Rowdies on to the music that you like. In addition, you can help your favorite artist/song make it on the RFT Top 20. And I know for a fact, the artists appreciate the exposure.

In addition, in the rare times where we have a lull in requests, we play songs that are highly rated or most requested. So your requests can be played more that once.

In other words, your voice realy drives the what plays here at Radio Free Texas.

What Are The Limits

We are bound by law to certain limits. Others are just a matter of managing a large number of listeners who like to request. By law, we can only play artists/albums/songs every so often. As a matter of being courteous, we limit the number of requests a user can make per hour. Depending on the circumstances, we can, and will, raise and lower that limit.


Why are you still reading this? Go request a crap ton of music and turn your fellow Rowdies on to your favorites.

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