It’s been a long time coming and has been requested more time that we can count, but today it’s official.

Radio Free Texas has launched a digital version of its All Access subscription program.

For several years, the All Access Program has delivered quality music into the mailboxes of our subscribers. It was a great way to get new music into the ears of fans and a great way for listeners to support the efforts of the station.

But as CD sales continue to wind down, postage rates go up and music budgets tighten, it was time for RFT to get with the program. Seriously, no pun intended.

Here’s how it works.

The All Access program now has two options. One is All Access – CD and the other is All Access – Digital.

With All Access – CD, just like the old program, you get the All Access CD of the Month in your mailbox when they go out. However, you now have the option to download the tracks immediately when they are posted and no longer have to wait for the CD to show up in the mailbox before you enjoy the music.

With All Access – Digital, there is no physical copy. Just high-quality, downloadable digital goodness.

If you are on one, you can convert to the other at any time. If you are not currently an All Access subscriber, we’ll still love you anyway, just not as much as if you were.

All Access – CD is $14.99 a month and All Access – Digital is $7.99 a month.

If you are ready to get some crazy good music every single month, login to Radio Free Texas and then hit the link below to get started.

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