In hopes of  creating an opportunity to empower those that believe in a world where all humans matter, by encouraging acts of kindness, inclusion, and positivity, The Gibbonses (one of our fave husband/wife duos) took to social media and their mailing list subscribers and asked them to submit messages that would become the foundation of the music video for “Keep On Keepin’ On.”  The response was incredible!

“We were terrified that no one would respond and the whole thing would be a big failure.” Brandon Gibbons admits. “On top of that, while we knew what the overall message needed to be, we had no idea how it would all come together.  It was a complete trust fall into the arms of our community, which was a little nerve-wracking for a couple of DIY micromanagers like ourselves.”

The Gibbonses were shocked by the amount of submissions they received, many from total strangers who heard through the grapevine and wanted to get involved with their kids and students. “It was incredible to feel so supported. It just reinforced the deep desire and importance of trying to unite folks from all walks of life.”

While the process might have been out of the duo’s comfort zone, it certainly paid off. This inspiring video is just what we all need right now. It is a heartwarming reminder that “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.”

This video is AWESOME!  Watch it here:

Read more at Key Music News:

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