It seems that every year, brand new lessons are learned or existing lessons receive some much needed reinforcement at Rowdy Float Trip. 2014 has brought this new batch from our very own Artist Relations guru, Mel. Enjoy!

1. There is a girl, her name is “Float Trip Mel” and her fellow staff members know to tread lightly with her. Apparently she was the only one unaware of her multiple personalities….or of her assy and mean behavior. “FT Mel” is not to be confused with the other Mel that normally comes out at FT pre-party but came out Friday night this year. We won’t discuss HER behavior or who all wore her bra Friday night. By the way, whoever hung my bra on the light and burned through my strap owes me a new bra!

2. Danny Ivan is a bigger packing hoarder than even me! “Hey, want an air conditioner up here at the check in table? I have one in my truck.” “Hey, want me to put some stage lights up? I have some in my truck.” Etc etc. He’s also one of the most thoughtful and helpful people our event has ever seen. Thank you.

3. Roger Cowan and James Pardo write some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. And some of the most disturbing.

4. Some of us just cannot help but to get up and dance. Just can’t help it.

5. Rowdies can and will sleep anywhere.

6. Rowdies will drink anything you put in their hands and ask questions second. (We already knew this…heck, we’ve allowed El P to spray our mouths with a bug sprayer then asked, “Man, that was good, what was that and can I have some more?”)


8. It CAN get cold at a FT in August.

9. Rowdies NEVER FORGET. EVER. Really.

10. I am surrounded by an amazing group of friends that I call family. Even Snod.

I’m sure I learned A LOT more this weekend but thanks to Lone Star Beer, Bobbaritas and Regina’s Peach Tea. Oh, and apparently (so I’ve been told) Mojo’s tequila and some pink moonshine stuff, I won’t remember some of it. I love this event and we had so much fun. Thank you everyone that came out and thank you to everyone that played a role in any part of this weekend. As Cara says: “Love you mean it!”

What are your Rowdy Float Trip lessons? Add them in the comments below.

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